Goodbye to your free G Suite accounts starting in July

Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite and recently, Google has decided to open to everyone.

In short, it is a workspace that integrates Gmail, Google Docs, Google Meet, all Google Drive office applications, Cloudsearch for intelligent content searches, Calendar, Google Meet and Chat, Sites, Google Keep, Jamboard, Apps Script, Vault and Connection Point, from where it is possible to manage all the devices that are part of an organization.

So far early adopters of legacy Google Apps then G Suite and now Google Workspace enjoyed a free tool but starting in July it will be a paid feature.

If the change to one of the payment planes is not made, the company has two ways: change it automatically or suspend the account. “If you haven’t changed it by May 1, 2022, Google will automatically change your organization’s subscription to a recommended one,” they say. Implying that they will decide for the user which plan suits him according to the use he makes of the service and the number of users that he groups in his organization, if it is a company or school.

On the other hand, you can proceed to close the account after 60 days in which they improved suspended. In this period, it would still be possible to restore the account by entering a payment method. Instead, it will eventually be closed and you won’t be able to access core Google Workspace services like Gmail, Calendar, and Meet. Of course, access to additional Google services, such as YouTube and Google Photos, will continue to be active.

If you currently manage your emails in Google Workspace in the free mode and want to upgrade to the paid plan or are looking for alternatives for your email platform, contact us.


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