How to implement a Content Marketing plan?

We present you 5 actions that you must take into account to start your Content Marketing plan, you must execute them cyclically, that is, once the last point is finished you must return to the first.

1. Define objectives and Plan ?

Before starting to create content, you must stop to think about what you want to achieve and in what term you want to achieve it.

2. Create ✏️

Once the deadlines and objectives have been established, you have to define a topic to be discussed. It must be content that attracts your sales opportunities or leads, so it should be something educational, never promotional.

3. Stretch ♻️

Taking into account the complexity of creating quality content, once created it must be squeezed to the fullest.

4. Optimize and publish ?

To make an optimized content, and well positioned, you have to work with a multitude of tools and know the necessary techniques. Perhaps it is the most technical part that requires more professional knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing.

5. Spread ?

Dissemination is key and vital to spice up any content. It will be of little use if you create highly cared and optimized content and do not disseminate it through the channels in which your potential customers move.

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