What will the post-cookie world be like?


There are several explanations on why cookies are called to disappear. One of them is eminently practical: cookies do not work in the mobile environment as well as they do in the desktop environment and, therefore, they are not as efficient.

Another of them, and the most prominent, is that cookies impact the privacy of users. The privacy protection regulations that have been approved in recent years, since the pioneer of the European Union, have focused on this point, regulating the download and the right of opposition of consumers to cookies.

Chrome, Google’s browser, already blocks cookies by default, this has caused the debate on this technology to accelerate, as well as the search for alternatives by the industry.

The idea is that these alternatives are much more respectful of consumer privacy and will make them see less invasion and have prior consent.

The big question is, at this point, if that is really true.

What do you think?

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